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"As a first-time writer I was very nervous to have anyone edit my work. Sherri–The Naughty Editorreassured me that everything was going to be okay. She was right! Her edits were very practical and thorough. Clearly she is a talented editor and writer. It was a pleasure working with Sherri, and I plan to use her expertise in the future."

Cece Baker

Author, A Billionaire's Treasure

"Sherri was a great copy editor to work with.  As a self-published author, finding a good editor is always tough, but after working with Sherri, I received a review on Amazon from a reader who stated that while she had read all my books and loved them, “A Question for Harry” was the first one that hadn’t been filled with typos and grammatical errors (those overlooked by editors of my previous books).


I owe that compliment entirely to Sherri. She found things in my manuscript that no one else could have caught, and it made my book, "A Question for Harry," all the better for her efforts. 


She has a great eye for detail, raised good questions and made some helpful suggestions, and the style sheet she created was immensely helpful, as well.  I use them all the time now.


I would would happily work with Sherri again!" 


Angeline Fortin
Author, "A Question for Harry"

"Sherri does great work supporting the clarity and consistency of works while respecting authors' voices. To the initiated writer or editor, a copy editor who works as she does is invaluable. Open dialogue, collaborative spirit, and follow-up are essential. She excels in these capacities."

David Andrews

Managing editor, Print Matters Productions Inc.

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