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Naughty .... and nice

Why hire The Naughty Editor?


I'm not really so naughtynot when it comes to editing for you.


I'm a champion of romance novels, "naughty" as well as "nice." I like a little spice now and then, and I don't shy away from provocative material.  And as a copy editor, I'm a champion of good writing, grammar, punctuation, spelling and structure. I appreciate a well-turned phrase.


Those who don't understand the romance genre are often critical of it. They think it's all about ripped bodices and torrid sex, that "anyone can write that stuff." We know that's not true. I'm a reader and a writer of romance as well as an editor, and I understand these books and those who write them.  


Whether you write "naughty" erotica with a big dose of steamy, or cozy romances that can only be called nice, The Naughty Editor will edit each of your manuscripts with precision and candor. Whether it's your first novel or your fiftieth, I'll work closely with you to make it the best it can be.


           Sherri Hildebrandt - The Naughty Editor



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